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Art Rocks and a  great deal of being an artist is that we are all creative. Painting, sculpting and creating beautiful pieces for ourselves, friends and family. Portraits, landscapes, animals and scenery are some of the many things we all like creating ranging from fantasy to reality, even merging the two, using paper, scissors and even rocks!

I follow this group on Facebook and the images people post about their beautiful pieces they’ve created on nothing but rocks are extremely mesmerizing. I see these beautiful creations so often on my timeline and some of them are the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen painted, on rocks. How is it, that something so simple, as a rock, can be turned into a beautiful piece of art that can be used for anything? It looks so simple but is it really?

My first blog about “10 Tips for Finding Inspiration” says that you should try something new just like I did when I attended the “Try Something New – Cell Pouring” workshop. I would love to try and do a piece on a rock but I have so many unanswered questions going through my head. I would love to know more about this style of art and prepare for all the things I would need for my first attempt. What I would like to know is what other artists that paint on these rocks have to say and maybe they could help me out a bit. In my next blog I want to share their view and photos and maybe help others that would like to engage in this style of art. I want to educate all the beginner rock artists with a few tips before they start and encourage them to make pieces as beautiful as the ones that are sent to me.

So are you an artist who enjoys painting on a rock? Please fill out the questionnaire below. I would really like to see your answers and help some fellow artists who might want to get involved in this kind of art that ROCKS so much! Thank you so much for your help!


*Your answers will only be used for the next blog. No need for personal Rock Art secrets. All that is asked is for basic things that a Rock Artist would need to know before starting off. All the pictures sent to me regarding Rock Art will be used in my next blog with your permission (if you send them) and you will be credited accordingly. If you have a social media page where your art is shared, I will add the link as well if needed.

For more information please email me at or call me on 062 527 8143. Find me on Facebook for your daily dose of inspiration