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art maven art rocks - feedback

Art ROCKS – Feedback

Posted by AneBobbert on 8th May 2018
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Last week I wanted to find out more about Art on Rocks and how artists, like me, find this kind of art relaxing, inspiring or even just enjoyable. Now its time for the feedback. As I said in my previous blog “Art Rocks” for research, is that I’ve seen this style of art on my Facebook timeline so often and the pieces people produce are so memorizing and beautiful. Pieces ranging from insects, portraits, buildings
art maven art rocks

Art Rocks

Posted by AneBobbert on 1st May 2018
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Art Rocks and a  great deal of being an artist is that we are all creative. Painting, sculpting and creating beautiful pieces for ourselves, friends and family. Portraits, landscapes, animals and scenery are some of the many things we all like creating ranging from fantasy to reality, even merging the two, using paper, scissors and even rocks! I follow this group on Facebook and the images people post about their beautiful pieces they’ve created on
Art Maven Cell pouring try something new

Try Something New – Cell Pouring

Posted by AneBobbert on 8th April 2018
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TRY SOMETHING NEW - CELL POURING This weekend I tried something new. Have you seen this craze about how people pour different colours of paint into a cup and just dump it all over a canvas but the result that comes out is so beautiful? Crazy enough how none of the colours mix and make these funny little cells! Well I recently found a place offering a workshop and thought WHY NOT?! We all need
art vs graphic design

Art vs Graphic Design

Posted by AneBobbert on 1st April 2018
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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ART VS GRAPHIC DESIGN Being an artist and graphic designer I’ve always thought of myself as an artist in both of these careers even though Art and Graphic Design are seen as two different categories. But can Graphic Design really be seen as Art and what is Art vs Graphic Design? While both artists and graphic designers create their own visual interpretation and composition using their skill set and talent they

Art Therapy

Posted by AneBobbert on 25th March 2018
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Some people go to therapy, some listen to music and some just paint. For many people going through depression it can be quite a difficult journey and finding a way to deal with it could be even harder. There’s always to help us forget about the difficulty we’re going through and in my opinion I think creating art is such a great way of dealing and helping to forget about it even if it’s just