Change vents Creativity

Creativity vents change

One of the worst personal judgements I’ve heard multiple times from many of my friends and family as it were to be a chorus from a song. As monotonous as it sounds I find myself thinking about how people come about that they are down straight unimaginative with no creativity. You’re not, infact no one is! And change in daily situations unleashes our creative sparkle.

Even though you might not be as paintiful as Pablo Picasso or Gustav Klimt it does NOT mean that you are not creative. Can’t be as poetic as Shakespeare or John Donne personifying death to not be so chilling as we fear it? No problem! Just coloring in the corner sun with a purple crayon because your yellow crayon disappeared already gives you an automatic pass to the creativity clique. Coloring inside the lines is society’s way for creating rules that are regulating our world today.

Creativity is like a language. There are roughly about 6,500 spoken languages in the world. Some only have a thousand speakers while others are more popular but still it’s continuously growing and adapting. You just have to find the right language that speaks to you. It might be a personification but creativity is in all of us. Art as a painting or poem is just one piece that fits in this edge less puzzle.

Sport, science, games and even cooking uses our creative brains to think a little harder. A quick side step to win the match or a different meal without peas because little Jeff doesn’t like his green vegetables keeps you on your toes. You don’t even need to be an artist to be an artist.

Don’t write yourself down as unimaginative person straight away. You may be more creative than what you give yourself credit for. A little mind change vents creativity and creativity vents a little change. So remember that change IS good.

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