This gallery contains some of my recent pieces I have made. They have been made them using mediums like grey lead, coloured pencils, ink, pen and oil pastels. I was Section Winner for Art in the Eisteddfod in grade 10 and runner up in my final school year, missing first place with 0.3%. I was also the winner for the High school category for an art competition at the Art Farm in 2014. Pieces ranging from fantasy to portraits, which have become my favorite category to do. My art teacher used to tell me that a persons face is the hardest to draw and if you can draw a face you can draw anything. That's where i discovered I can become an expert in art if I put my mind to it. If you are interested in one of my pieces below, check if it's available here, or drop me an email.


Here are some of the Photoshop illustrations I have made in the last year. Being introduced to Photoshop was milestone in my life as an artist, as art isn't just perceived as work done with a pencil and paper but digitally as well with a much broader horizon. Being able to create realistic and fantasy imagery using an image manipulation software, makes the world of art open up to more than just using art to be displayed traditionally on a canvas or paper. Using Photoshop to create digital imagery has helped hundreds of artist who can't necessarily illustrate by hand but by through the wonders of image manipulation. All of the imagery on the website has also been created using Photoshop.


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